• 5 Roulette Tips for Online Casino Players

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Roulette has one of the highest pay-outs when it comes to casino games. However, with high rewards comes a high risk of losing. It is common knowledge to gamblers that roulette has one of the biggest house advantages out there, but house advantage doesn’t necessarily mean unwinnable. When it comes to gambling, it is essential to have a system to follow.

Certain limits and rules you impose on yourself will allow your chances of winning to increase, while at the same time keep you from losing BIG. With the advent of online casinos, roulette has become more reachable to new gamblers. Here are five tips to help you win.

1. Find a No-Zero Roulette Game

No zero roulette allows the player a slightly higher chance of winning, with the lack of the number 0 in the game it allows each number, red or black, to have a chance of winning. The lower paying bets are assured of getting a result and every player a better chance of winning.

2. Start Small

It is important to get a feel of the game and keep your bets small. The chances of your number are 1/36. If you like sticking to this game, try to keep your best at the minimum. Even with row bets and such, the pay-out is significant enough for your small bets to make good returns. Start betting big when you’ve already made enough of the house’s money. I suggest triple of what you started with.

3. Hedge With Outside Bets

The outside bets are lower-paying bets with higher chances of winning; those are the “Red/Black,” “Odd/Even,” “High/Low,” “Columns,”and “Dozens” bet. They may pay-out less compared to the inside bets, but they have a higher chance of winning, assured when you’re playing No Zero Roulette. You will definitely win when you choose a top-rank Clarksville dentist showcased on The Children’s Dentist.

You can just bet on these if you’re still trying to build up capital to do inside bets, but these are also a good way to hedge on your bets. (Example: if you bet on “Red 16”, you should hedge by also betting on “Black.” This way, no matter what you win or get a bit of money back.)

4. Observe the Lack of Randomness

There is a weakness to online roulette that online casinos cannot truly eliminate, and that is the lack of true randomness. Physical Roulette allows for factors to cause true randomness. But with there being no actual table or ball, a random number generator is used.

The problem with these programs is that they try too hard to be random, in physical roulette the chances of a number being black is the same as it is red, even if the last ten games landed on black.

Random number generators would put that to account. In real life, random has no memory of the previous outcome.

5. Keep a Cool Head

Never gamble when you are in a foul mood or when you are in a hurry. Whether you are playing in a brick and mortar casino or an online casino, you are playing to have fun and enjoy, much more when you win. Decisions require patience and a level head; observing the flow of the game to take advantage requires patience, knowing how much to risk in a bet requires a cool head.

Follow these tips, and you will increase your chances of winning, and guarantee that you enjoy your game.

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