• A Few Baccarat Tips for Your Next Casino Trip

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Ah, Baccarat! The game of the elites! Well, it used to be regarded as that, now though it is as common as any casino game out there. The game is simple enough to understand. The player puts a bet on either of two sets of cards, known as the banker and the player, whoever is closer to 9 wins. It can also end at a tie, with additional side bets depending on where you play. It’s a coin toss really, with the occasional tie where no one wins, and you all get your money back.

The perfect game for those who don’t have a great poker face or a great enough level of mental arithmetic skills to count cards unnoticed, Baccarat is a game of strategy and money management, with a little help from lady luck. Here are a few tips to put the scale to your favor.

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Bet at the Minimum

It is always best to start small when you are new to a game. But when it comes to baccarat, it is important to get a feel of the deck. You can try to apply card counting as much as you can, but it’s not as effective as it would be in blackjack. All you can do is get a feel of the game.

And the only way to do that aside from staring at people playing is by playing a few games yourself with the minimum bet. I recommend playing as this is also the best way to keep control of your emotions once you start putting larger bets.


It’s important to learn the side bets. I can’t really go in-depth about it as it can be different depending on where you are. But simply put, side bets in baccarat are often less probable outcomes that have higher pay-outs. Why bet on something that has a lower chance of happening you ask? Simple, side bets often have significantly lower minimum bet compared to the regular bet of baccarat. Putting side bets allow you the chance of winning money whether or not your standard bet wins.

Double Check the Minimum

Earlier I mentioned that Baccarat is a game for the elites. In the Middle Ages, only nobles were allowed to play as they wagered entire estates and treasures. While they have now allowed us, commoners, to play, you should always ask the dealer what’s the minimum bet as you wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself putting five bucks worth of chips on a thousand dollar minimum table.

Try to Have a Good Time

I’ve played a good amount of baccarat in my time. And, while winning money is great and all, I found that talking with the other players and the dealer, everyone betting on the same thing, and just enjoying my time communing with people is when I truly enjoy my time in a casino. Never bet out of desperation, better to put your money betting on a new venture than to have a 50/50 chance of doubling it or losing all of it.

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