• Online Casino House Edge— A Surefire Way to Win

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If you want to try your hand in online gambling, it matters that you first find out what the house odds are. This has to do with the amount of money that you‘ll be expected by the online casino for the length of time that you’ll be playing the game. The higher the house edge is, the more chances of them winning. The smaller the advantage of an online casino, the more likely it is for your money to last longer. If you see a house advantage that’s over 2%, expect that the risks of you losing any bet are also going to be higher.

If you’re interested in online gambling, here are some of the house advantages that you can expect for most of the popular games offered by websites.


If you’re playing American roulette, then expect that there will be 38 positions on the wheel that you can make bets on. If you wish to bet on just a single number alone, then expect that the pay is going to be at 35:1. This means that the online casino takes home 2 units of profit for every win. At 2/38, this means that the advantage of the house is at 5.26%. This means that if for every $100 that you will wager on an individual number, $5.26 will go to the online casino.


The house edge will depend on the type of bet that you are making. For a Pass Line bet, the house advantage is at 1.4%, a Place bet on 6 or 8 has a house edge of 1.5%. If you go for the one-roll wager or bet on any seven, the house edge is at a whopping 14.36%.


The game requires a player to make a bet on the banker, the player or a tie. A bet on the banker has a house advantage of 1.06%. A bet on the player leads to a 1.24% house edge. Meanwhile, a bet on a tie has the highest house edge of 14.38%.


Considered by many gamblers as the top table game, provided that players will employ the correct strategy along with favorable house rules. Among the rules that should work to your favor include, the dealer standing on a soft seventeen, the game pays 3 to 2, you double on split pairs, you double your bet on two cards, pairs can be re-split , and surrender should be allowed. Where any of these rules are present, you can expect a house advantage of around 0.5%.

Do note that many online casinos these days have changed their rules concerning a soft 17, where the dealer has to hit instead. This can lead to the house edge increasing to 0.7%. Stay away from games that will only pay 6:5 to blackjack players instead of the usual 3:2.

This is because a 3:2 game will allow a player to net $15 for a wager of $10, compared to a 6:5 where the net is only $12. That is a total of $3 that you lose— definitely some bad news for the player. There are other Blackjack variants that you might want to consider playing too, based on the house edge they offer. The Spanish 21 offers a 0.7% house advantage and the Blackjack Switch has a house edge of 0.6%.

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